Election Night 2008

(12/01/08) – I enjoyed taking part in Barack Obama’s Election Night excitement at Grant Park in Chicago, IL on November 4th, 2008; a historic night that changed our country forever. Here’s a clip of our Pick-up 2nd-Line jazz band making our way all the way to President Barack Obama’s victory speech, which we were given tickets to by some of his staffers. With politics aside, the election of the first black President in America is a historic event that I believe will change our country for the better for generations to come. I’ll never forget the peaceful excitement of that evening and it will always be one of my fondest memories of living in Chicago. My friend Gus called me that night (he’s playing banjo) as I was sitting at home in Rogers Park watching the votes come in, and he said, “We’re riding the el (train) downtown to see what’s happening. Bring your horn. We don’t know whether he’s going to win or lose, but we’ll be ready to play some music regardless.” I quickly got dressed, jumped on the train with my “junker” soprano in hand and met the band near Grant Park, along with other members of the Prohibition Orchestra of Chicago. The rest as we know, is history.

Let’s Dance

(06/01/09) – For many, dancing is a necessary part of life, and comes to them as easy as walking or talking. Dance […]

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