The One and Only, Clyde Stubblefield

(9/23/11)… This past year has been one of major change in my life. I’ve had the opportunity to play almost 5 nights a week in and around Madison, WI and am truly loving the experience. Though I trek to Chicago about once a month, it’s been hard saying no to offers to perform in the great state of Wisconsin. Many of you may be wondering: “Why Madison, WI?” Well, I suppose one of the best reasons is Clyde Stubblefield. Hearing him perform 3 years ago for the first time proved to me that in a town of 208,000 people, there was major musical talent to be heard. Another longtime music hero, Roscoe Mitchell, also calls Madison home, not to mention, bassist Richard Davis at the U.W., pianist David Stoler, and the list goes on. Little did I know, that after 25 years hosting ‘Funky Mondays,’ Clyde Stubblefield would be ready to pass the baton to his nephew Bret Stubblefield, who had watched his uncle drum since he could remember. Since then, Clyde has been on the road with Chuck D from Public Enemy, on Jimmy Fallon’s show playing with The Roots, and continues to tour with Michael Feldman’s “What Do You Know” on NPR. He stays busy, but not as much playing weekly in Madison. He does make the occasional cameo appearance on Monday nights, but never again will he host. This video is from a performance last December for a WORT radio station benefit concert. From time-to-time Clyde would sing. Here he is singing ‘Georgia On My Mind.’ Here’s a link to the Public Enemy website with a video of Clyde’s performance with ‘The Copyright Criminals’ on Jimmy Fallon in April 2011.

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